Attention: Are You Tired of Not Getting Paid What You're Worth?

The Package & Pricing Mistakes Most Coaches Make That Are Killing Their Conversions!

  • How Successful Coaches Are Charging 2x-4x More, Delivering Less, and Still Have More Clients Than You

  • Learn the Fastest and Easiest Way to Increase Revenue & Profit in Your Business

  • How to Stop Losing Customers Who Think They Can't Afford You

Learn How to Raise Prices

Without Losing Clients!

FREE 90-Minute Training

and Interactive Workshop

Wednesday, December 7th

2:00PM EST

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Increase Profits

is With a Single Keystroke!

Are you making costly pricing mistakes leaving huge sums of money on the table?

I have spent the past few years coaching hundreds of Coaches one-on-one around simple strategies...

That DRAMTICALLY increase the number of high-end clients they can help...

And add thousands of dollars in PROFIT right to their bottom line!

What I found is that most coaches choose their Prices by the equivalent of throwing a dart against a blank wall...

Or worse setting prices based on comparing themselves to others... and they are anything but confident in their pricing...

And CONFIDENCE is key not only to getting the Price you deserve but in converting high-end clients into happy customers!

The Ultimate Pricing Formula is your KEY to setting and/or raising prices to reflect your worth and value.

Stop leaving money on the table because you're afraid to charge what you're worth!

It's time to rid your fears of raising prices... to easily enroll high-end coaching clients and get appropriately rewarded for your years of expertise and the amazing transformations you create.

It's time for you to shine and profit.

Here is What You'll Learn At This Live Workshop

  • The Biggest Mistakes Most Coaches Make in Pricing

Stop making these Pricing Mistakes to immediately add more Profit to your Bottom Line!

  • Pricing Confidence is Everything

If you are only 80% Confident in your pricing, expect 80% Results. When you are 100% Confident in your pricing, you will attract and enroll your ideal Clients!

  • Raise Prices Without Losing Clients

Most coaches, speakers and course creators are afraid to Raise prices for fear of losing clients. Learn how to increase the Value of your Irresistible Offer to add thousands of dollars to your Bottom Line.

  • The Ultimate Pricing Formula

Use this Formula to create or rise your pricing to maximize the Value of your offers and arrive at Your Perfect Price that you will have 100% Confidence in.

  • How to Create Irresistible Offers that Convert

Learn the Key Strategies to create more Perceived Value in your programs so that prospects find them Irresisitble!


About Jay Fairbrother

Most coaches struggle with selling and converting interested prospects into high-paying clients. Jay Fairbrother is a business advisor who has helped hundreds of coaches convert more clients by improving their sales skills and add more Revenue and Profit by strategically setting or raising prices. Jay is serial entrepreneur with experience founding, buying and selling multiple 7-figure businesses and his mission to help coaches, speakers and course-creators to scale their business!


December 7th

2:00 PM Eastern

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